Azerbaijan is located on the Caspian Sea and is a small country with about 8.3 million inhabitants. The land is half covered with arable land and still get plenty of help Wadflächen, which account for about 12 percent of the area. For nature lovers will find here a paradise, more than 180,000 different species are found here again. Azerbaijan is rich in mineral resources, so here comes from abundant gas and oil. The capital Baku has an interesting old town, which one should miss nciht. Additionally, there are many interesting buildings, should be visited. Just the Museum for carpets are a real eye catcher and worth a visit. In the small village Kobustan, which lies about 75 km from the capital, there are 10,000 year old cave paintings and heights, stretching over 90 km ². These should be visited with a local guide who knows Well here and can tell some stories to it. On the coast there are still many forts, which mainly originated in the Middle Ages. Who wants to see a bit of country and people should take the opportunity to tour the cities Shumaka and Sheki. The strong differences in height be no uniform climate. In low regions is referred to as sub-tropical climate, where temperatures are around 20 degrees. Most pleasant it is on the coast, where there are wonderful weather.


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1. Yangmingshan after 17 hours fighting the fire spread will be closing off hills for 3 months also possesses

2. Taiwan continued to improve the power of light sea Ute Typhoon Warning issued

3. Taiwan stock market has little confidence fell 43 points to scale new this year, the second lowest amount of

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