It reads here and there, but what exactly is Channel Marketing? Channel Marketing for the various ways in which a product is to be delivered to the consumer. This can be achieved either by direct or indirect sale. Direct sales can either in person, over the telephone, the Internet or the mail to be regulated, while running indirect sales (sales or channel) through a reseller or a distributor. Companies like Motorola sell mobile phones, for example, to dealers who resell the product and then turn the consumer. Which method should you use, however? Direct or indirect channel marketing? To answer this, a company must be analyzed. The simplest question is how easy it is to find distributors. If it is almost impossible or complicated, answer is obvious - direct selling. Then there is of course also to the product. Is it a highly complex product that trained personnel for operation and installation required? If sufficient staff is present, the company can continue to sell directly. If this is not the case, should the sales of the product can be outsourced. Furthermore, the demand for support and customer service are considered. The larger this is, the more likely that the company would sell directly to maintain good customer relationships. The more specific and more expensive the product is, the more the need of manufacturers selling directly, because the merits of individual products must be sold. Ultimately, the decision to a large extent depends, can control the degree to which the company several channels in parallel.



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1. Yangmingshan after 17 hours fighting the fire spread will be closing off hills for 3 months also possesses

2. Taiwan continued to improve the power of light sea Ute Typhoon Warning issued

3. Taiwan stock market has little confidence fell 43 points to scale new this year, the second lowest amount of

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