Every human encounter in the course of one day concepts of what we think to know where they come from and what they mean. What for example is a program? In the first place one thinks of the policy. A framework consists of many small programs, which are held in a large program. On good German, the frame surrounds the content, which was decided. Far from it, because a framework must include not only policy! A "framework" can be found even in the media, in research and in the form of festivals and celebrations. Framework in the media: In the media sector is called the program "shell program" is used in radio and television stations. The "shell program" defines the fact that takes on a different channel in sendefreien times the transfer. The reason: for example, smaller radio stations can not afford a broadcast around the clock and by whom can send different. The station is through a program never closed down and sent without interruption.
Framework Programme for research: In research, there are programs in the form of subsidies. These programs include projects that run partly over several years. This is great for research, which as in the field in space, health, environment, security, etc lie.


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1. Yangmingshan after 17 hours fighting the fire spread will be closing off hills for 3 months also possesses

2. Taiwan continued to improve the power of light sea Ute Typhoon Warning issued

3. Taiwan stock market has little confidence fell 43 points to scale new this year, the second lowest amount of

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